From the New York Times and Chile Pepper Magazine to your local daily newspaper, the word is out about Chef Patrick Mould. He was tapped by the Louisiana Lt. Governor's Office of Culture, Recreation and Tourism to lend his image and recipes to the State's "Come Fall In Love With My Louisiana" advertising inserts featured in Gourmet Magazine. As the official "Turkey Ambassador" for LouAna, Peanut Oil Chef Mould was featured in hundreds of newspaper articles touting the virtues of Cajun Fried Turkey for tailgating and holiday gatherings.

“Our greatest asset in Louisiana is our cultural and ethnic diversity. The Acadian, French, Spanish, African, Italian and Native American influences on our style of cooking has made it one of the most historically significant regional cuisine's in America. I can't imagine myself cooking or living anywhere else.” - Chef Patrick Mould - Gourmet Magazine

“Known as a television personality, cultural ambassador, cooking teacher, cookbook author, restaurant consultant, food writer, corporate spokesperson, and culinary innovator, Chef Patrick Mould has contributed much to the culinary landscape of Acadiana.” - Our Louisiana Magazine 2011

“For my gastro-historical road trip I called an old Cajun friend, Patrick Mould, a chef and culinary educator in Lafayette. If there is a spicy slice of tasso to be sampled, or a sweet crawfish to be cracked, he has it covered.” - Bryan Miller, New York Times

“He's a great chef with a lot of credibility, and he's excellent on TV,” says Brian Pia, who represents LouAna Foods." - Chile Pepper Magazine